Passion for innovation—commitment to growth. 

Who we are.

Mark Russell has had a passion for innovative agricultural technology since the mid-1980's when he graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Operations.

Driven by his belief that food production agriculture and its related fields are essential to our collective quality of life, Mark has helped countless ag and biotechnology businesses achieve market success around the United States.
As president of TDN, Mark draws on 30 years of experience and an extensive network of agricultural experts to provide sales and marketing guidance and implementation to companies who want successful commercialization of their products—and sustained development.

Who we work with.

Our clients are small to medium-sized companies who have spent time and resources developing proprietary biotechnology, or patented trade secret formulations, and are gearing up to take them to market.

We work with groups who have dialed in their financing, performed laboratory testing, and are beginning to work on field trials. They've probably defined their scale-up manufacturing, and identified cost of goods. They may be thinking about hiring a sales and marketing team, but aren't quite sure what to look for or if they're ready to make the commitment. 

That's where TDN comes in.

Our team plans and executes your customized commercial product launch, focusing on the essential elements to meet your goals.

We strategize, advise, plan, lead, and join your team in whatever capacity you need, for however long you need, to ramp up revenue generation and achieve market success.